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Project Safe Childhood
Project Safe Childhood is a nationwide initiative to combat the growing epidemic of child sexual exploitation and abuse launched in May 2006 by the Department of Justice.  Led by the U.S. Attorneys' Offices and the Criminal Division's Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (CEOS), Project Safe Childhood marshals federal, state and local resources to better locate, apprehend and prosecute individuals who exploit children via the Internet, as well as to identify and rescue victims.

Monday, March 2, 2020

Trinity Mount Ministries - NCMEC - Active Missing Children Posters / Active AMBER Alerts - UPDATE - 04/02/2020

Missing Children Posters Below

Active AMBER Alerts
NameMissing FromIssued ForAlert Date
Andrew CaballeiroMiami, FLFLJan 29, 2020
Osiel RicoRoswell, NMNMJan 7, 2020

Notice: The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® certifies the posters on this site only if they contain the NCMEC logo and the 1-800-THE-LOST® (1-800-843-5678) number. All other posters are the responsibility of the agency whose logo appears on the poster.
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Friday, February 28, 2020

Burly bikers come together in court to help kids feel safe as they face abusers that hurt them

By Positive Thoughts

Of all the crimes that exist on this planet, none of them get any more seedy and loathsome than crimes committed against children. The innocence of our kids is what drives the protective nature of parents. With all that creeps and lurks around the corner just waiting to steal that innocence from your kids, parents can be hard-pressed to protect their child on their own.

Sadly, some children do fall through the cracks into the hands of abusers, but just because the damage has been done doesn’t mean there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Kids can speak out against those who’ve hurt them but they can only do so if they feel safe and confident, which is exactly where BACA steps in.

Source: Not In My World

BACA stands for Bikers Against Child Abuse and the organization exists for the sole purpose of keeping kids safe.

The nonprofit was started over 20 years ago by John Paul Lily who is simply known within BACA as “Cheif”. He saw a need among abused children to heal through regaining the insurmountable confidence that it takes to just be a kid again after going through something so traumatic.

Knowing something like that can only be accomplished through making abused kids feel safe again, Chief organized a band of burly bikers to step up and do exactly that by forming an unbreakable pact with these kids.

Source: Youtube screenshot

As a result, kids in the program gain the courage needed to face their abusers in court, because they know that they aren’t facing them alone.

Members of BACA start by riding out for a formal meeting with each kid that decides to become part of the BACA family.

If a child is living in fear of abuse and is scared to leave their home or schools, parents/guardians can arrange to have the child meet and become part of this protected pack. The bikers will ride out either to their home or to a place the child feels safe and introduce themselves.

Source: Youtube screenshot

There is a very ceremonial feel to each child’s first meeting with BACA.

The child is presented with their own biker jacket and a BACA patch sewn into the back that lets all others know they are a member of a very big family that looks out for them. They are then assigned to “primaries” and given their numbers for the child to call on 24/7, whenever they are needed.

They also take a few photos for the child to look at whenever they are feeling uncomfortable, to remind them that they are no longer alone. This is known within BACA as “level 1 intervention”.

Source: Youtube screenshot

Level 2 intervention takes place if their level 1 efforts aren’t enough to discourage further abuse.

This level of intervention involves a much heavier presence of BACA members around the child’s home and places they frequent. Members will also do “awareness rides” through the community, heightening people’s awareness of abusers in their area. They will have a constant presence at times when the family is most open to abuse, and they will even contact law enforcement and give them information on suspicious activity.

When the time comes, members of BACA show up when it’s most important; at the courthouse.

Source: Youtube screenshot

When the time for these kids to face their accusers in front of judge and jury comes, BACA will be there to back them 100%, so long as the judge will allow.

This is perhaps one of the most important steps in protecting these children from further harm.

Kids are already easily intimidated by adults. When it comes to facing one who has already hurt you in a room full of strangers, it can be just as traumatic for them as the original experience. As a result, kids may become too scared or confused to give their full and accurate testimony. This can end up with a child watching their abuser go free and having to live in constant fear that they will seek retribution on them later.

Having a bunch of burly bikers who have sworn to protect you with their very lives, if necessary, can do a lot to bolster an abused child’s confidence when they’re facing the pressures of the justice system process.

One of the BACA mottos hits home the hardest and is a testimony to just why such an organization needs to exist:

“No child deserves to live in fear.”
With chapters of these bikers all across the globe, far fewer children have to. Every member of the organization is a volunteer and there are BACA chapters spread throughout the world. To become a member is no quick and simple task, either. It is a 24/7 commitment to protecting every child from harm whenever and however they can.

New would-be members must adhere to every letter of the BACA Creed and must go through an extensive vetting process and one full year of chapter rides before being accepted. That is how committed the Bikers Against Child Abuse International are to doing their part to ensure that every child they come across feels safe and knows they are never alone.

To learn more about how you can help keep kids safe from sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, visit them at their website, and watch the video below to listen to BACA members explain just what it is that they get from serving these kids.

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Source: BACA World/Bikers Against Child Abuse International/Inside Edition

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Walnut Creek arrest reveals secret world of child sex trafficking; girls as young as 9 allegedly being bought and sold in the Bay Area

Oral surgeon investigated for sex tourism had dozens of hidden-camera devices, 1000s of child-porn images, police say

Cassidy Lavorini-Doyle, 36, is charged with human trafficking and child porn possession. (Contra Costa County Court Records and Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office)

By NATE GARTRELL | | Bay Area News Group

WALNUT CREEK — It started with a bizarre nighttime incident, in a dimly-lit area by an office building’s dumpsters, where a man allegedly drove up, attempted to pull a custodian into the car, and offered $30,000 to buy her two prepubescent daughters, there by her side.

What began as an attempted kidnapping case has mushroomed into something that horrified even seasoned sex-crime investigators. According to court records, police have uncovered evidence that girls as young as 9 are being bought for sexual servitude in the Bay Area and linked a suspect to a cache of child pornography, evidence of overseas sex tourism, and a stash of hidden video cameras disguised as everyday household objects.

That suspect is an Oakland man named Cassidy Lavorini-Doyle, 36, an oral surgeon who currently sits in a Contra Costa County jail awaiting trial on charges of human trafficking, child porn possession, and attempted kidnapping. After his arrest, the state Attorney General’s office moved to revoke Lavorini-Doyle’s dental license, saying the allegations gave state prosecutors “grave concerns” about him interacting with children.

Lavorini-Doyle treated children through his job, and was licensed by the state to use anesthesia. Authorities say they are still investigating the possibility that he molested patients, but no molestation charges have been filed thus far.

The investigation started Dec. 6, at an office complex located at 165 Lennon Lane, in Walnut Creek. That evening, Lavorini-Doyle went to visit his accountant, and explained he was tens of thousands dollars in debt, and that he owed money to “bad” people, according to police.

Due to the late hour, the office building was almost abandoned. Among the handful of people present was a young woman known in court records only as Jane Doe 1, who worked as a custodian there. She was cleaning the building and had her two daughters, both younger than 12, alongside her.

The woman was emptying a trash bag into dumpsters behind the building when Lavorini-Doyle allegedly pulled up, hopped out of his car, and attempted to pull her inside. When she resisted, he offered her $30,000 to buy her two daughters. He said he wanted to take them that night, and that he’d return later with the money, according to police testimony.

The girls told police he asked them,”Do you want me to be your dad?”. But before the situation progressed, another employee exited the building. Lavorini-Doyle got back in his car but continued to circle the building, and was still in the parking lot when police arrived.

Lavorini-Doyle was briefly detained and released that evening. The following morning, he reportedly booked a $7,000 flight to Cambodia. He returned on Dec. 11 and was immediately arrested by Homeland Security agents, police said.

By this point, a team of federal and state authorities, including Walnut Creek police, the FBI, the DHS, and the Contra Costa District Attorney were investigating Lavorini-Doyle.

In mid-December, they served search warrants at his Oakland house, discovering dozens of secret recording devices, according to court records.

“We found plastic coat hooks that had hidden cameras. We found pictures with frames with hidden cameras in them. We found key fobs that had hidden camera recording devices in them,” Walnut Creek Ofc. Thomas Brown testified at Lavorini-Doyle’s January preliminary hearing, according to court records. “We found notebooks that had hidden camera recording devices in them. We found what appeared to be compact mirrors or makeup mirrors that had hidden camera and recording devices in them. Found what appeared to be an alarm clock that had what appeared to be a hidden camera and recording device in it, among other stuff.”

They also found more than 100 videos of child pornography, including one that depicted Lavorini-Doyle raping a prepubescent girl. The video referenced the girl as being 10 years old, but her identity is still unknown, police said. Investigators are still going through the videos to identify victims.

Another box in Lavorini-Doyle’s garage had hypodermic needles, formula bottles for infants, plastic zip ties, and a meat cleaver, Brown testified.

When authorities interviewed Lavorini-Doyle’s wife, she told them that over the course of their marriage he’d turned increasingly to pornography, and that discussing it with him only made the problem worse. She said that during his December trip to Cambodia, he’d told her that he was really going to drug rehab. A search of Lavorini-Doyle’s phone revealed he downloaded children’s songs during the flight, according to police testimony.

On Lavorini-Doyle’s phone, police reportedly found files that included a “Cambodia sex guide for single men,” as well as evidence that he had bought roughly $35,000 in gold on a trip to Cambodia. There were also receipts for “transactions” involving 10-year-old girls, according to police testimony.

Investigators also found evidence that Lavorini-Doyle was arranging to have prepubescent girls delivered to him in the Bay Area, police said.

Emails in Lavorini-Doyle’s phone, according to investigators, referred to an “all but done” deal that called for “the delivery of a girl.” Lavorini-Doyle responded by setting up an October meeting in Tracy, agreeing to give the girl back two weeks later.

On another occasion, Lavorini-Doyle discussed renting a home in Berkeley, and inquired with a child sex trafficking service if two girls could come over at the same time, police say.

Police said on other texts, Lavorini-Doyle made specific physical demands about girls he wanted sent to him, and said he wanted to make sure “no law enforcement” caught on to what was going on.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Trinity Mount Ministries - DOJ - PROJECT SAFE CHILDHOOD - Justice News - UPDATE - 03/03/2020


Project Safe Childhood
Project Safe Childhood is a nationwide initiative to combat the growing epidemic of child sexual exploitation and abuse launched in May 2006 by the Department of Justice.  Led by the U.S. Attorneys' Offices and the Criminal Division's Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (CEOS), Project Safe Childhood marshals federal, state and local resources to better locate, apprehend and prosecute individuals who exploit children via the Internet, as well as to identify and rescue victims.